"Whiteness" in Europe & Tumblr's US-centric SJ Discourse





Dear blackinasia

You are one of the best US-SJ people on tumblr I have ever read, very mindful of the differences in the concept of “White” in different counties and I am really need your advice on this problem,…

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Doctor and Amelía pond

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Benedict Cumberbatch's Sex Fantasy With Tom Hiddleston And Matt Smith Is Melting The Internet


I saw this at work and nearly yelled at my client #WasNotReadyForThis

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"[Matt Smith, Tom Hiddleston, and I] like nothing better than buffing our Zygoma. And imagining a horny time traveling long overcoat purple scarf wearing super sleuth nordic legend fuck fantasy. Get to work on that, internet."


Benedict Cumberbatch, reddit AMA, 11 October 2013 (via hopelesslybenaddicted)

Replace “internet” with “Sci-Fi Hall.” GO.

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The Filter turned 1 today!

Wow. I got this for SoMeXco a year ago?! Geez… does not feel that long.

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Marvel has either turned into a romantic-comedy or an STI public service announcement. 

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MelVFitness posted this image on instagram a few days ago with the following caption: 

"Check out my transformation! It took me 15 minutes. Wanna know my secret? Well firstly I ditched the phonewallet cause that shit is lame, swapped my bather bottoms to black (cause they’re a size bigger & black is slimming), smothered on some fake tan, clipped in my hair extensions, stood up a bit taller, sucked in my guts, popped my hip- threw in a skinny arm, stood a bit wider #boxgap, pulled my shoulders back and added a bit of a cheeky “I’m so proud of my results” smile. Zoomed in on the before pic- zoomed out on the after & added a filter. Cause filters make everything awesome.

What’s my point? Don’t be deceived by what you see in magazines & on Instagram. You never see the dozens of other pics they took that weren’t as flattering.” 

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